About Me

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A mid forties finance professional with  forces background ! Have seen a number of forces personnel and other educated professionals getting stuck in sub optimal financial schemes. The blog is meant to help you take correct financial decisions. Remember not gaining money is better than losing money. As Buffett says, “Rule No 1 is never lose your principal. And Rule No2 is, never forget Rule No 1.”  Even the common Indian professional takes incorrect decisions and then stays with those due to ego, ignorance or lethargy.

I am an MBA in Finance from SP Jain Mumbai. I am also a Financial Planner and an AMFI certfied Mutual Fund Advisor.I have done a course in Behavioural Finance from Duke University.  Apart from this I am also an M.Tech and M.Phil(Strategy & Management).

I am indebted to three people for this blog– Retired  Col VK Gupta, a Bombay Sapper who like Dronacharya put me on this track of Stocks & Shares. Late Dr RL Varshney for teaching me English, making me fall in love with the language and enable me to read and write correctly. And my late mother for nurturing me and strengthening my emotional foundation so that I could be  spiritual, large hearted and compassionate.

I made a lot and lost a lot in stocks in the first 20 years of my investing life by not having wisdom and knowledge of the right kind. Economic Times and CNBC do not give the right knowledge, I learnt pretty late in life.  So I unlearned everything then reformatted my hard disk by loading the correct mental tools and knowledge material. Since then I have been compounding my returns much above the Sensex returns. And I hope to do it for the rest of my life. Since, I lost a fare share of my wealth creating life in terms of time, in my wrong learning and unlearning, I hope the wealth creation would happen for my readers.

Influenced greatly by The Song Celestial– The Bhagvad Gita, this blog is dedicated to the “Unknown Financially Illiterate Indian”.  I would assume that I have done my bit of good karma, if  even 100 readers can save some money and multiply their savings through honest means by reading my blog. In case of queries of a personal nature/portfolio, one can put in a comment. I will try and answer them to the best of my knowledge.

This is a hobby for me and not my bread and butter work. Therefore, I am infrequent. Readers will paron me for that. I only contribute or write if there is something worthwhile. I believe in processing the signal and not the noise.

God Bless and God Speed.